Miko kept on shushing us, we were noisy daw. Hahaha. Adorbs! (at Loyola Grand Villas Quezon City)

Concrete Jungle

Soaking up the sun ☀️

Current Read 👓

An ideal dining experience satisfies not only one’s taste buds but also the sense of sight, hearing, smell and touch. Good food with visually pleasing interiors and relaxing jazz and bossa nova music. (at Kabisera - Alido, Malolos Bulacan)

Weekend with this bunch definitely calls for a repeat. 🙌

Nomnomnom. 🐷

From where I stand. ☀️

It’s gonna be a fun weekend!

at Barbara’s Heritage Restaurant

What I was doing while my JO was being prepared. #Mature


What a great way to start the month. Missed this woman so much. Bestfruuuun 5eva! 👯

What a lovely sight. At Laguna to fetch the dragon. 🐲