Half of the Sinulog Crew. 🙌 Hoho #excited (at Cable Car BGC)

1 day ago on July 29, 2014 at 01:37am

Today, the universe blessed me with one of my most precious treasures. I must have done something right to have a best friend as awesome as you, my partner in crime, happy pill, rave buddy, ninang of my future firstborn (lol), clingy sister from another mister and defs one of the greatest people I’ve ever met. You are truly my source of happiness & comfort. Thanks for being wonderful all these years, for always being there to listen to me whine when I’m upset or laugh with me when I’m being crazy. Always remember that I always got your back. I’m also sorry if sometimes I drag you to be part of my kalokohans haha. Happy Happy Birthday! Here’s to more laughs, less tears, & more of those unforgettable nights. My life without you would’ve been a lot less filled with rainbows & sunshines, and that would prolly suck, I mean it. Yiii kinilig. Til we’re 80 & wrinkly! Love ya forevs 💋

Miko kept on shushing us, we were noisy daw. Hahaha. Adorbs! (at Loyola Grand Villas Quezon City)

Concrete Jungle

Soaking up the sun ☀️

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An ideal dining experience satisfies not only one’s taste buds but also the sense of sight, hearing, smell and touch. Good food with visually pleasing interiors and relaxing jazz and bossa nova music. (at Kabisera - Alido, Malolos Bulacan)

Weekend with this bunch definitely calls for a repeat. 🙌

Nomnomnom. 🐷

From where I stand. ☀️

It’s gonna be a fun weekend!

at Barbara’s Heritage Restaurant

What I was doing while my JO was being prepared. #Mature